Manatee Information

Manatee Information Index

  • Manatee Habitat
    Due to the way their bodies are designed, the manatee doesn’t do well in cold waters, so they live in tropical waters
  • Manatee Feeding
    A manatee is an herbivore, and if you aren’t familiar with that term it means that they consume plants
  • Manatee Reproduction
    While we know the basics of manatee reproduction, researchers admit there is still a great deal to learn about
  • Manatee Anatomy
    There is no denying that the manatee is a very unique mammal found in the water. Their anamoty is quite unique as well.
  • Manatee Communication
    Manatees are very social animals and they communicate quite often with each other.
  • Manatee Social Structure
    Manatee males are quite aggressive when it comes to mating. However, manatees spend most of their lives alone
  • Manatee Predators
    The manatee is lucky because it has very few natural predators to worry about.
  • Manatee Evolution
    There is plenty of scientific evidence to suggest the manatee has been around for more than 60 million years.
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